Achieving The Net Zero Goal Through Environmentally-Friendly Geothermal Renewable Energy Operations


Indonesia has many potential points of geothermal energy which until now have not been properly explored. In line with Indonesia's goal of achieving the net zero goal and producing cleaner and more renewable energy sources, efforts to identify potential renewable energy such as geothermal must be further stepped up.

Therefore, at COP 27 on 8 November 2022, Indonesia raised the topic of the potential for geothermal energy as a solution to achieving the net zero goal.

The panel was opened by Dr. Ir. Agus Justianto, MSc. which explains how the gap between industry and environmental health can be bridged with sustainable management. This topic was then continued by the Director General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Dr. Ir. Dadan Kusdiana, MSc. which describes the potential of renewable energy that is owned by Indonesia.

Suharsono Darmono representing Star Energy Geothermal took part in the Indonesian Pavilion with a case study of the Salak PLTP, one of the world-class geothermal energy operations in Indonesia which has proven to be environmentally friendly. The panel then closed with an explanation by Oki Muraza, SVP Research & Technology of Pertamina Holding, with the topic of developing technology to maximize the potential of geothermal energy in Indonesia.

Under the direction of Gurbuz Gonul as the moderator, the panelists received a warm welcome and enthusiasm from the COP 27 participants.

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