Celebrate the Innovation of 50 KM of Plastic Asphalt Road in Garut Regency


In a joint initiative to address plastic waste, Chandra Asri Group and Bakti Barito Foundation are partnering to contribute to the construction of plastic asphalt roads in Garut Regency.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by Mr. Donny Adolf (Government Relations and Circular Economy Manager of Chandra Asri Group), Ms. Fifi Pangestu (Executive Director of Bakti Barito Foundation), and Mr. Nurdin Yana (Regional Secretary of Garut Regency), symbolically marked the completion of a 50 KM long plastic asphalt road at Tugu Simpang Lima, Garut.

Beyond enhancing waste management in an eco-friendly manner, the utilization of plastic waste as an asphalt mixture in Garut Regency has successfully diverted 431.5 tons of plastic waste from landfills while concurrently producing asphalt of higher quality. Let us collaboratively pioneer innovative solutions for a cleaner Indonesia, fostering well-maintained infrastructure and sustainable mobility.

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