Bakti Barito Foundation Supports Youth Movement In Youth Innovation Festival to Help Solve The World's Pressing Issues


Bogor - Barito Pacific Group, through the philanthropic foundation Bakti Barito Foundation, provides support to the Youth Innovation Festival as a series of activities of the Youth 20 Summit (KTT Y20), which was held at Bogor City Square on Sunday (21/8). Youth 20 is a forum for future leaders from all G20 member countries to discuss, argue, and exchange ideas in order to reach a mutual agreement on pressing issues in the world in line with the agenda of the G20 Presidency.

This festival was initiated by the West Java Provincial Government, which aims to convey the message of Y20 to Indonesian youth in a creative way through community activation, metaverse, and digital campaign by raising 4 big themes, namely Youth Employment, Digital Transformation, the Planet's Sustainable and Livable, and Diversity and Inclusion.

In addition to providing support, Bakti Barito was also given the opportunity to be one of the panelists. The topic of discussion was a Sustainable and Livable Planet, together with the Founder & CEO of Waste4Change, Bijaksana Junerosano, and Miss Indonesia 2018, Alya Nur Shabrina.

In his presentation, the Director of the Bakti Barito Foundation, Dian A. Purbasari, explained that the main task of Bakti Barito is to provide support and monitoring of all subsidiaries under the Group Barito Pacific in conducting CSR, especially in the fields of education, the environment, and circular economy.

Dian added that, from the environmental side, Bakti Barito is active in promoting management or sorting waste from the source. As we know, the biggest cost of waste management is in the sorting process. We work with youth organizations and other stakeholders in the area, mainly in the operational area of the subsidiary of the Barito Pacific Group.

The contribution that has been made by Bakti Barito is by collaborating with the government and supporting government programs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The role of the private sector in this case is to support and be a companion to government programs through innovation.

"We also carry out conservation, especially in the West Java region. We have reforestation in protected forest areas and biodiversity carrying capacity areas since 2012. But unfortunately, the rate of deforestation exceeds our speed of planting return. "It needs support from all parties to jointly reduce the rate of deforestation," said Dian.

For the Barito Pacific Group, sustainability is the milestone of the company's strategy and long-term vision. The company continues to measure and reduce emissions in addition to pursuing achievable targets and helping change behavior, both in companies and as individuals. In terms of subsidiaries, Barito Pacific Group continues to carry out the most environmentally friendly practices in daily operations to continuously reduce emissions, from the use of renewable energy in operational plant units to optimization of the use of clean energy.

Barito Pacific's subsidiary, PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (Chandra Asri), innovates, namely the implementation of asphalt mixed with plastic from plastic bag waste that does not have recycle value mixed into asphalt with the Ministry of PUPR. Chandra Asri targets the implementation of the event for 100 km of plastic asphalt by 2025. In 2022, Bakti Barito with Chandra Asri works the same as the Garut Regency Government to build plastic asphalt roads on various road sections in Garut until 2023, along 50 km.

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Bakti Barito is a foundation for better. Because when Indonesia thrives, we do too.

The Bakti Barito Foundation serves as our platform for sustainability initiatives. Its focus areas are revitalizing the environment, broadening access to education, and uplifting lives and livelihoods. The foundation runs focused initiatives across four positive impact pillars: Environment, Economy, Society, and Education. 

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