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Preceded by several years of thorough planning and preparation, the transformation of Barito Pacific Timber Group into a fully diversified resource-based enterprise marked a major milestone for the Company in 2007. A key decision in our ongoing transformation was the change of name and identity of PT Barito Pacific Timber Tbk to those of PT Barito Pacific Tbk.

We have decided to drop the word “Timber” to reflect the diversified scope of our businesses today and increasingly in the future. From now on, Barito Pacific will be engaged in the forestry, petrochemicals, property and plantation industry sectors, and ultimately evolved into a fully diversified resource-based enterprise with growing interests in the mining and energy sectors, among other developments.

We believe that Barito Pacific’s new direction provides us with the strategic platform to achieve sustainable development and growth over the long-term. Long-term sustainability will also be assured by our adherence to Good Corporate Governance that espouses transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness.

This website is developed in line with the implementation of GCG in the Company.  We will use this website primarily to increase the transparency, accountability, and responsibility to our stakeholders. In addition, this website will also be used as a communication tool between the Company and its stakeholders.

We are confident that the Management of Barito Pacific will have no reservation in utilizing this web optimally as part of the implementation of GCG within our Group, going forward.

We thank all of our stakeholders for their continuing trust in Barito Pacific, and in our promising future business prospects.


Prajogo Pangestu

President Commissioner